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Engage in Fitato Exclusive community workouts and fitness events like treks, go-karting and much more, with the fun-loving Fitato community.

The Fitato Community

You may choose to head out and go for a secluded, boring workout at a gym, but it will get mundane soon. Not with Fitato. The Fitato community makes your workout time, your happy hour. With the Fitato Community, you will laugh, you will click pictures, you will enjoy and you will workout.

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The Fitato Captains

sehej maini

Sehej Maini

Crossfit addict and trainer and a professional powerlifting champion.

mallika rathod

Mallika Rathod

Yoga practitioner and trainer, an expert in aerial and aqua yoga.

kaaba khan

Kaaba Khan

Yoga practitioner and trainer with over three years of experience.

reetu thakur

Reetu Thakur

Functional training expert and trainer and also a young mother.

atharva deshmukh

Atharva Deshmukh

Professional trainer for multiple activities like HIIT, Crossfit, etc.

trisha kapur

Trisha Kapur

Professional swimmer and weight training expert and a law student.

ritika narwariya

Ritika Narwariya

Certified Pop-pilates expert as well as a Strong by Zumba instructor.

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