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At Fitato, we aim to build careers, instead of providing jobs. Careers are built around passion. Fitato is built on a shared passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. And that’s all you’d need to be a part of our team.

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Who are we?

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We are a mix of enthusiastic young adults and experienced professionals with the shared vision of making India fall in love with fitness by empowering them with the Fitato way of life.

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We wish to make fitness addictive in India by providing as much fitness flexibility to our customers as possible. A Fitato Membership is a single, flexible membership that gets them access to the best gyms and fitness studios around them.

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We, at Fitato, strongly believe that what people take 20 years to achieve, can be achieved in two, with passion, devotion and hard work. And we strive each day to make that a reality.

Why Join Us

As said earlier, the driving force for any person who works in Fitato is their passion towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. Beyond that, here’s what working with Fitato means:

Explore The Startup Hustle

As a growing fitness startup, we have a small team that is occupied in managing work, fighting fires and expanding and exploring boundaries. Some days you’d find us celebrating our sky-rocketing sales or successful events. Some days you’d find us brainstorming next steps and planning the next big thing in the fitness landscape. We assure you, we won’t let you get bored with work.

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Build Your Career

We believe that everyone is capable of carving their paths to success. All they need is the right support, boost and guidance. And the freedom to explore and grow the way they wish. At Fitato, you’d not be tied to one profile. You can explore, seek and learn beyond your role and grow in your career the way you want.

Get Fit

We practice what we preach. So, get ready to join us on team workout sessions, fitness events and enjoy on treks, parties, workshops and a lot more. There’s no Fitato without fun and fitness. Be ready to explore fitness Fitato-style.

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Join our team

Wish to work with us? Find the latest opportunities available at our organisation here.

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