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You don't just get a fitness membership, you get a fitness community — The Fitato Community. Enjoy workouts, treking, dancing, sports, fitness, and much more together.

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...and many more.

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What Our Members Have to Say

vishesh parashar

Vishesh Parashar

“It makes fitness fun & flexible, being a sportsperson and adventure junkie I hated being tied down to a particular gym. With Fitato, it's like a new adventure waiting for you every day, sheer variety in fitness with a single pass.”

karen jophy

Karen Jophy

“Without the Fitato pass, I would never have been able to attend Pilates classes, Yoga studios or the other vastly available fitness options, that too at a very nominal price. Fitato makes it possible & I have finally found activities I love.”

aninda verma

Aninda Verma

“After paying gym fees for years and never getting my money's worth, I'm happy I can fit in workouts I want, when I want.”

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